Rome Past and Present

Published: 17th June 2010
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Behind each and every structure in Rome lies the city's rich culture and history. Known like a world heritage website, Rome has been in famous existence for two and a half thousand years dating back to the time when it was still regarded as the strongest inside the entire Europe simply because in the Roman Empire, which was born in this town.

It has also shown considerable growth and changes as it very first started out as a small Italian village at the center of a powerful empire, then as a position where Catholicism was founded, and as the capital of Italy.

It truly is believed that Rome was founded by Romulus and Remus, the mythical twins. They were said to be abandoned at the Tiber River and raised by a wolf before being discovered by a shepherd who later on raised them as his own sons.

The town was founded in the 8th century B.C. Even throughout the early times, Rome has been regarded as as an important location since of its position. It truly is located near the Tiber River, which made it the crossroads of trade while in the early days. The area's development started when it was led by Etruscan kings and eventually taking the seat from the Roman Republic. For almost ten centuries, Rome was the wealthiest, most influential, and largest city inside the West. In fact, it has a substantial dominance over other parts of Europe and Mediterranean Sea. It was also the center in the Catholic Church since the reign of Constantine I.

Rome underwent major modifications in the course of the 15th century throughout the Italian Renaissance. There were churches and bridges built including the St. Peter's Basilica and Sistine Chapel. It also gained popularity through the 19th century when it went under the French protection. After the French troops abandoned Rome, it became the capital of Italy.

Rome, or also called "Roma", may be the capital city of Italy and will be the largest and most populated city. It truly is currently a home to a lot more than 2.7 million individuals. The position is the third most visited places on Earth. Tourists are attracted to this majestic spot since on the evident richness of its history, which can be seen inside monuments, museums, and sculptures inside the area.

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